Bet on Yourself

1% Better 5/11/23

Happy Thursday everyone! I’ve been struggling this week with feeling like I’m not productive enough. It’s a challenge I’ve had since I went full time 1% Better. Being my own boss has come with the downside of not knowing if I’m getting done as much as I could.

I started a new habit that has changed my mindset and made me so much more grateful for my accomplishments. I challenge you to try this too this week.

At the end of every day write down everything you accomplished that day. Every small task. There’s no accomplishment small enough. This could even be making your bed or going for a walk. This exercise takes 1 minute tops.

That feeling of dissatisfaction with my day completely faded. I end my day feeling truly proud of what I did. Let me know if you try this habit out and what you think. Don’t be afraid to hit reply on the email.

Anyway, let’s get into it…


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Bet On Yourself

This month I took the biggest bet on myself that I've ever taken. I quit a job that I invested my entire adult life into. I doubled down on this newsletter.

This bet on myself is a big risk. But it’s a risk I think many more people should take.

Betting on yourself is an asymmetrical bet.

The downside of betting on yourself is minimal. What's the worst that can happen?

You learn a ton and are right back to where you started. You pick up another job again. No harm no foul.

What's the upside?


You accomplish your dreams.

You achieve financial freedom.

You live the life you've always wanted to live.

It's especially important to bet on yourself when you are younger. The older you get, the more responsibilities you accrue.

Kids, a mortgage, older parents, higher ranking jobs.

These are all things that make it more difficult to push all your chips into the center.

The more responsibilities you accrue, the harder it is to place that bet (although definitely still possible).

If you're younger and have none of these responsibilities, it's almost foolish not to bet on yourself the moment you get a chance.

Even if you’re not younger and have accrued responsibilities, all that means is you just need to do a little more preparation ahead of time.

Allocate enough savings that can support your family for 6-12 months, then go all in.

As an aside, this isn’t one size fits all advice. Not everyone should or even want to go all in. Some people are a lot happier having a steady income and the security that comes along with it.

For a lot of people like myself tho, I went years having a pain inside me.

The pain of not feeling free.

The pain of feeling like I’m controlled by the system.

It almost didn’t feel like I was human.

I felt like I was a turkey in the oven at the wrong temperature. Until I found a passion that I would die for, I didn’t realize the trap I was in.

If you feel like you’re in the same place as me you gotta jump when you get the opportunity. When you can afford to drown you need to jump in that pool.

It’s week 4 for me of swimming in that pool.

It’s a completely different feeling and mindset swimming in that water. You eat what you kill and that’s it.

There’s no security blanket every 2 weeks with a paycheck. You’re only making money if you put in the work to earn it.

Your brain starts opening up new pathways thinking about ways you can earn income.

I used to put a ton of time studying the stock market. I’m going to get back into that now to make sure my money is being put to work.

I’m also looking at other potential revenue sources. Ecommerce, digital goods, and other products. Your brain starts operating in a completely new manner when you are fending for yourself.

Even if this whole thing crashes and burns and I drown in this pool, it was worth it. I’m going to learn so much about myself, learn new ways to create income, and just advance my general business knowledge.

Fortunately, failure isn’t an option. This is going to be successful. It just gives you a little comfort knowing you have absolutely nothing to lose.

You have 100 years on this planet.

That’s it.

You’re going to be dead a whole lot longer than you’re going to be alive. Make sure you spend that 100 years doing only what you love.

AI Prompts I Used For This Newsletter

The following prompt is great for turning atomic essays (like the one in this newsletter) into many different pieces of content. It also helps you edit the essay and make sure you’re putting proper emphasis on the most interesting, novel points.

Run this prompt on your next atomic essay/newsletter/thread/long form tweet then use the takeaways to edit your essay and create more content. You might have noticed I already published several tweets based on this newsletter.

Begin Prompt

I'm going to send you an atomic essay. Can you give me a title for the essay, give me a short summary, a short outline, and give me the most important bullet points. What are the biggest takeaways my audience will have? What are the most novel, interesting points?

{my essay}

End Prompt

Found this prompt helpful? Every Saturday I send out TTPQ (free preview here) to my 1% Club mailing list. TTPQ is a tweet and thread template, AI prompts, and book quote that will help you make significantly better content and master AI.

To get way more AI content in your inbox, supercharge your content, and grow your audience even more, join the 1% Club below. You not only get TTPQ, you also get access to a community of like minded builders that will work with you every day to grow your platform. I’m also in the community every day chatting!

I hope this guide and prompts were helpful for you! If you use the prompt feel free to email or DM me, would love to hear your experience with it. Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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