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Your Custom Playbook For Growing on Twitter


Happy Thursday everyone! Really excited about this week’s newsletter. First, I chose a winner for the content competition! The winner is going to be airdropped the first edition 1% Club: Rewards NFT. Later in the newsletter, I get into your custom playbook for growing on Twitter. I wrote a detailed breakdown of what your content strategy should be based on the size of your following. This will be incredibly helpful if you are looking to grow an audience on Twitter.

Anyway, onto the alpha…


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3️⃣ Your Custom Playbook For Growing on Twitter:

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Latest Instagram Post:

Content Competition Winner:

The winner of the first ever 1% Better content competition has been selected! Last week I announced a weekly competition. Create content, tag me, and on Thursdays I select the best piece of content from that week. The winner gets airdropped a 1% Club: Rewards NFT for free.

Without further ado the winner is GROW CRYPTO!!!

He wrote an excellent thread on generating revenue in Web 3:

The thread was simple, readable, powerful, actionable, plus took advantage of multimedia in a really unique way. Grow actually recorded a well edited short form video as a TLDR in the 3rd tweet of the thread. I thought this was incredibly unique and clever.

Mr. Crypto will be airdropped the first NFT from this collection:

Also shout out to Papa Rocko for the art!!!

My plans for utility for this collection are simple. I plan on sharing the value of this newsletter with holders. Every week that I get a sponsor, I’ll be negotiating for extra rewards from the sponsor. For instance in 2 weeks my newsletter will be sponsored by a very popular NFT collection that has agreed to give me multiple NFTs from their main collection. I’ll be airdropping one of the NFTs to the Rewards holder and giving the rest to random holders of the NFT GOD x IKORMA collection.

The more this newsletter grows, the more value for the holders.

I’ll be running this competition every week! Feel free to start writing and submitting your content ASAP! (remember to tag @NFT_GOD and tag it #1percentbetter)

REMINDER: to be eligible for the Rewards NFT you need to be a part of the 1% Club and in the Discord. To join the largest growth minded community on the web, feel free to upgrade below. It’s a community dedicated to harboring a growth mindset, finding new ways to build our brands, and constructing the businesses we’ve always dreamed of. I’m in the Discord every single day answering questions!

Your Custom Playbook For Growing on Twitter:

Yesterday I wrote a thread on how to grow on Twitter based on your following size. I got so much positive feedback on it that I wanted to send out a full newsletter on it, covering each step in much more detail. This is the exact playbook I’ve used over the past year to get to almost 100,000 followers.

To grow your following, you need to use a strategy appropriate for your current audience size. Creating content at 100 followers isn’t the same as creating content at 100,000. Let’s dive into each playbook I’ve devised based on your size.


Getting to 1,000 followers from 0 is the hardest tier on this list. If you can make it to 1,000, you can make it to any of the other milestones I will discuss. There are two main pillars of this strategy.

  1. Join a microniche or community

  2. Be a reply guy

The first thing you want to do is find a community to be a part of (or be a part of a micro niche.) I joined an NFT community called Creepz Genesis (now named Overlord). Once you join this community, you need to be the loudest member there. If the community has a Discord, you need to be a Discord dawg. You need to be tweeting about the project daily. Hosting community Spaces is a plus. The more you do for the community, the more you’ll be seen as a leader, and the more everyone will look up to you and follow you.

Next, you want to be a reply guy. Being a reply guy gives you access to other accounts’ audiences and engagement. The best method for being an effective reply guy is through Twitter Lists. Start a new Twitter List and add all the big names you follow with large audiences. Periodically go into this List and engage with the tweets. Don’t just put in lazy engagement. Add actual value. Add your unique perspective to the original tweet. The higher quality the reply, the higher up your reply will be on the tweet, bringing you more attention.

Nail these two strategies, and you’ll have a solid base of an audience.


Once you’ve hit 1,000 followers, you have some credibility. You can start using some interesting strategies. A compelling one to use here is Twitter Spaces. Typically when you’re under 1,000 followers, Spaces hosts will be hesitant to bring you on stage. They’re not sure if you’re going to troll or shill. Once you’ve hit 1,000 though, that’s a mental barrier that will allow you on a lot more Spaces stages.

Speaking on Twitter Spaces is one of the most powerful growth strategies. Just by sharing your unique perspective on stage, you get attention from the hundreds or thousands of people in the audience. What’s great is the people who will follow you are typically like-minded, so will be more likely to engage with your content productively.

This is also a great opportunity to niche up a level. I went from just talking about Creepz, to talking about Play to Earn NFTs. A subject level slightly higher than my previous niche.


At this point, you have a well-established brand. The quality of your content will now be the determining factor of your performance, so it’s critical to be strategic here. To find my voice and content strategy, I opened up a Google Sheet. I wrote down ten strong opinions I have about my niche (my niche being technology/investing/self-improvement.) These 10 opinions turned into the pillar content for everything I’ve created since.

Almost all the content I make (tweets, threads, newsletters) are based on this pillar content. Having this pillar content goes a long way towards growing your brand. I’d highly recommend going through this exercise yourself.

I’d also recommend starting a 2nd platform and pushing people toward it. For me, this was my newsletter. I had my newsletter since day 1, but it was at this stage I truly leaned into pushing people toward it. As you grow, this will allow you to have a 2nd established distribution channel.


10,000 is the true first significant milestone. This is a milestone that truly gives you a certain level of clout on the platform. As long as you built in an organic way, you’ve learned a lot of lessons up to this point. You can really niche up here and start sharing value in new and exciting ways.

At 10k, I started sharing a lot more educational content. Sharing the lessons you learn is the best content strategy in my book. Now you can start creating long-form threads based on what has and hasn’t worked in your journey. You can also write more in-depth pieces on your niche. Because of the clout you’ve built up to this point, you are viewed as a trusted voice in the space. This is also a critical point where you can start generating a lot of traffic to your secondary platforms.


By 20k, you have established a brand and have probably found your voice. Now it’s time to scale up that established brand.

Think about your business and how you can expand your brand into products. It was at this point I started thinking about premium content I could make on my Substack.

How can you provide more value outside of tweets? Can you create more videos? Can you develop courses or ebooks? Can you expand your business into physicals?

You should also start a regular Twitter Space at this point. You now have a strong enough audience where people will regularly show up to listen to you.

With this strong audience, you now have a vast distribution channel. You can now expand to other platforms. I’ve recently expanded to Instagram.

Building a large audience is a superpower. The challenge is you need to change your content strategy based on your size. Choose the right strategy, and watch your audience explode.

Any tips or strategies I missed? Let me know down in the comments.

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