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None Of My Tweets Are Getting Engagement. HELP!

1% Better 3/16

AI has been taking the internet by storm the last few months. It’s all anyone is talking about. I’m frequently asked how I use AI and if I think it’ll wipe out jobs and make content creators obsolete.

My answer is no. In fact, I think it’ll do the opposite. I think it will create more jobs than it’ll destroy. Imagine if I told you 20 years ago you could be a professional gamer. Or professionally travel the world and post pictures of yourself on the internet and get paid millions by keto tea companies to hold their product.

You would have thought I was crazy. The internet created millions of jobs we never thought could exist. AI will do the same thing. All we think about is the jobs that will disappear (and trust me, I think a few will, but not a doomsday amount), but I think WAY more will be created. AI will give us the ability to create products and services you couldn’t imagine

With that in mind I’ll be sending out a new additional newsletter over the next 7 days. The preliminary name at the moment is TTPQ (tweet, thread, prompt, quote). I’ll send you a newsletter with a tweet/thread template, AI prompt, and quote (and writeup) from a book I’m reading. All of this should provide immense value.

You have no action to take. It’ll be in your inbox soon. I would love your feedback on this idea/execution so feel free to reply/comment/DM me anytime. My goal is for this additional newsletter to revolutionize your workflow!

Anyway, onto the alpha…


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  5. Replies of the Week: Your Morning Routine

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Latest Twitter Thread (click for entire post)

SPONSORED: The Glimmering

Ready to kick down the door? 

GRIPNR is the web3 company behind Tabletop RPG, The Glimmering. On March 30th, they’re doing something never done before, launching their Genesis NFT Collection and game platform on the same day.

Genesis Hero collectors get much more than just a jpeg, including a lifetime subscription to the On-chain Play Platform, early access to all future games built on the GRIPNR protocol, PLUS preferred access to mint The Glimmering Mutant Apes, an exclusive collection in partnership with J1mmy.eth.

On DAY ONE, holders can mint, then head to play.gripnr.com and play the game. The best part is all progress is recorded on-chain, so your NFT Hero can become rarer via gameplay alone.

It’s time to BE LEGENDARY. Load up on MATIC, head to the GRIPNR Discord, and tell us you came from “1% Better” to claim 1 of 50 Allow List Spots.

Visit theglimmering.com for more info and sign up for the Discord

The Most Painful Part of Content Creation

I’ve discovered the most torturous part of content creation. You’ve undoubtedly ran into this challenge. In this column, I’m going to give you the solution.

Here’s a recent DM I received (I get no less than 20 of these DMs a week):

Hey Alex! I need your help. You keep telling me that threads are the best way to grow on Twitter. I’ve posted a thread every week for the past three weeks but none of them are catching on. I’m so close to just giving up on Twitter. Can you take a look and tell me what am I doing wrong?

This person, alongside 99.99% of people on social media, are stuck in the middle.

The middle. The most painful place to be in your content journey.

There’s 3 stages of content creation: the beginning, middle, and end.

The beginning and end are easy and incredibly fun.

The middle is slow, agonizing, excruciating, distressing, and enough to make you want to quit.

In the beginning, you’re running on adrenaline. You signed up for Twitter for the first time. You’re playing with your new shiny toy. You’re creating content, and the world is your oyster. You hit post for the first time and you get a massive dopamine hit. You’ve just put yourself out there for the whole world to see.

The end is all momentum. You’ve made it. 100k followers and you’re making enough income to live off of. You’re living the life of your dreams, doing exactly what you want every day.

The middle is torture. The adrenaline from just starting has worn off. You crashed from your initial dopamine hits. You’ve hit post every day for four months in a row and still only are getting 15 likes a tweet and maybe a couple of followers a day. At this rate you’ll be an influencer when you’re 90! This isn’t even fun anymore.

Here’s your issue:

Your mission has become getting likes and engagement.

This is a 100% guaranteed way to burn out and quit.

You’re measuring your success and self-worth on how many likes you’re getting.

You’ve invested your entire emotional state into a metric you have 0 control of. A metric that is volatile, fluctuates, and is influenced by an algorithm that is impossible to understand. You’re dooming yourself to stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are TERRIBLE for creativity.

There is a 0% chance of becoming successful at content creation if your entire mindset hinges on this uncontrollable metric.

The solution is simple: shift your mindset.

When you’re in the middle, your measure of success should stem from one thing: how much you’re learning.

You have 100% control over how much you learn and improve. You have 0% control over engagement, likes and follows.

Joy and happiness come from progress, and progress comes from improving. When I was writing tweets, threads, and newsletters daily from December 2021 to June 2022 with under 5,000 followers and 50 subscribers, I was completely focused on improving by just a little bit every day.

I tried to pick up as many new skills as I could. Read as many copywriting books as 24 hours would allow. Read as many other newsletters and threads as my eyes could handle.

I tried to take just one nugget of a lesson from everything I read and apply it to my next piece of content.

This chase of constant minor improvements was a rush. I had faith that if I kept striving for 1% improvement every day, eventually, I’d hit a tipping point and people would realize I’m creating something of value.

A growth mindset is the only mindset that will lead to success. Allowing yourself to get caught up in the roller coaster of emotions that comes from engagement will only corrupt you.

It’s not an easy shift to make, but it’s a shift you need to strive for every day. It’s the only way to survive the middle and get to the end phase, where the fun really begins.

If making that shift was easy, everyone on Twitter would have a million followers and 100,000 subscribers.

While your competition sits in bed and cries every night about not getting likes, plot endlessly on how you’re going to improve. You’ll become an unstoppable force.

Ignore likes. Obsess over improvements. The likes will follow, I promise.

Quick recommendations for improving your writing skills:

How have you made a mindset shift when it comes to content creation? How do you find joy in a world filled with likes, retweets, and engagement? Comment below or hit reply and email me. Happy to chat!

1% Club Update

If you’re not in the 1% Club yet, you are missing out on the biggest incubator for builders in the entire space.

680 of the best and brightest creators across the internet are in the Discord.

You also get: A digital coworking space I hang out in every single day to chat, exclusive newsletters, live and recorded masterminds, quarterly 1 on 1s, and the most supportive community of creators on the entire internet.

Want a taste of the culture? We now have a free section! Feel free to join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/1percentbetter

This week we’ve had some incredible mastermind sessions in the Discord. Here is next week’s schedule:

Every day: Digital shared workspace (I’m in there every day answering questions)

Monday: Mental Health Club Call w/ LoneWolf

Monday: What Does Success Mean to You Roundtable

Tuesday: Content Creation Office Hours w/ NFT God (weekly)

Tuesday: Visual Content Creation w/ Amir (weekly)

Wednesday: Accountability Meeting w/ J0nga (weekly)

Thursday: Building Your Brand Roundtable

Friday: Town Hall

By far the best part of the club is the work sessions. All day every day there are people in the voice chat working together. It’s almost like a digital coworking space.

No pressure to turn on your mic or camera, everyone just sits quietly and works. Every once in a while a conversation breaks out and ideas are exchanged. It’s an awesome experience! Plus I’m in there every single day to answer questions.

If you’re not in the Club yet, join 680 others by signing up below. I promise it’ll be an investment in yourself you won’t regret. If you find you’re not getting value from it, I’ll personally refund you the membership fee. There is a special price for the next 6 weeks before membership fees go up to $15 a month on May 1st. Lock in a special annual price now:

Partnership: Virtual Wellness Summit

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with one of our Founding Members of the 1% Club, Alyssa from Zen Allies, to offer this value-packed Virtual Wellness Summit.

GTFO Your Own Way is your unconventional Virtual Wellness Summit helping you learn what it takes to design your business and life for success—without sacrificing your mental health.

She’s brought together the best business and life coaches in web3 to lead workshops on topics like:

→ How to Master your Mindset and Unlock your Subconscious Mind to Create Clarity, Consistency, and Confidence

→ How to Go From Stuck to FREE AS FCK: Learning to Overcome Perfectionism and Avoid Self-Sabotage.

Happening Online, Thursday, March 30th from 9:50am PST - 4pm PST Get your free ticket here: https://zenallies.com/virtualwellnesssummit/

Replies of the Week: What is Your Morning Routine?

Thank you so much to everyone who’s replied to my tweets or emailed me this week! Look forward to hearing from more of you soon! Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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